We’re Harvest, and we’re here to make low carb living as easy, enjoyable and uplifting as possible. That’s why we’ve created our own range of guilt-free snacks. Snacks that put the best of nature back in your hands.

Full of goodness


Crammed with natural ingredients, our snack bars are high in fibre, carb lite, and come with 50% less sugar than regular nut and seed bars.

Nothing but goodness, inside out

Packed with natural ingredients, we put the best of nature in your hands with our brand new nut, seeds and fruit snacks.



We’re part of the Atkins family: the original low carb experts. Which is why our ingredients are picked, plucked, foraged and gathered, naturally, to ensure the best of nature goes into our bars. Nuts. Seeds. Fruits. And a whole lot of sunshine. So grab some sunshine and enjoy the uplifting taste of nature.


Where to buy

Our carb reduced food range is available in store and online at a variety of retailers