Ever since Rob Lowe let the world know that he’s been living Atkins for the last 20 years, you’ve had some questions. And Rob loves spreading the word. So, here’s a sample of some of the things people have wanted to know…

What's on the Menu

In this video, Rob debunks what foods really make up the Atkins diet.

Really Good

What makes our creamy milkshakes so good? Click to hear the full story.

Keto Friendly

What’s the difference between keto and Atkins? The answer might surprise you.

Try Rob's Favorites

See for yourself how delicious life “on Atkins” can be! Creamy shakes, delicious treats, and filling bars are just a few of Rob’s favorite ways to live low carb.  

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    Caramel Nougat
    Caramel Nougat
    35 gram

    This delicious treat bar combines creamy caramel with soft nougat covered in…


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