My favourite herbs & spices to use in low carb cooking

Using herbs & spices is a great way to jazz up low carb dishes and, not only intensify the taste of foods, but pack in the nutrients too! Here are my top 5 herbs that I always keep handy.


Commonly used in curry dishes, this intense yellow root does give curry its rich colour, but it also does so much more! The orange and ginger scent brings a slightly spicy and bitter taste to your dishes. Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation. I recommend adding it to roasted veggies, chicken or fish marinades, soups and even eggs!


I just love coriander and add it to guacamole, salad dressings, dips & salsa. Coriander is a great anti-inflammatory and can help with arthritis pain!


Unlike most herbs, rosemary truly holds onto its full aroma and taste even when dried. It will add depth and heartiness to dishes, especially when paired with thyme. Add it to roasted chicken or lamb with some fresh lemon. Among many other health benefits, rosemary will help with memory and even fights against harmful free radicals.


I just love the smell of fresh basil and regularly have a big pot of basil on my kitchen windowsill. It adds so much flavour to food too. Caprese salads, with mozzarella, big juicy tomato slices & olive oil is great but basil is also perfect for any dish that uses a tomato sauce, such as Bolognese or chilli (use cauli rice or courgette spaghetti). Basil comes with amazing health benefits too. Basil is a very good source of vitamin A as it has a concentration of carotenoids such as beta-carotene, making it a powerful anti-oxidant


This is another one of the few herbs that brings the flavour both fresh and dried. It has a strong and slightly peppery taste that is familiar in dishes like Cauli-pizza and fresh dishes using Atkins pasta. Oregano is definitely a bold flavoured herb and the most common benefits of oregano is its ability to aid in digestion and help fight antibiotic resistant infections.


Posted by Linda O'Byrne
Atkins Nutritionist