Rob explains that a life well lived is not measured in pounds and ounces. He reveals he has been living an Atkins lifestyle for years, and that he – along with millions of other people – want to live a healthy, long life.




With tens of millions of people today focused on lowering their intake of carbohydrates and reducing sugars, Atkins offers a customizable eating approach regardless of whether someone wants to achieve optimal health, manage or lose weight. In the creative, Lowe discusses the flexibility of the lifestyle, noting that “this is Atkins today.” 


“It all starts with how you feel on the inside, and when you feel good, you look good. Eating low carb has helped me feel and look my best,” said Lowe. “Life is too short to eat a bad protein bar, and Atkins has great tasting bars and shakes that satisfy my sweet tooth. Today’s Atkins focuses on foods that are rich in healthy protein and low in carbs and sugar. It’s a simple approach that tastes delicious and is a real way to live.” 

“While people have different health goals, they all want to lead healthy lives and not feel like they’re missing out, whether spending time with family or eating a delicious meal. The new campaign follows our ‘Today’s Atkins’ creative launched this past fall and continues to show that Atkins extends way beyond a diet,” said Scott Parker, chief marketing officer, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. “Rob is a great representative of this lifestyle, as he has followed an Atkins low carb approach for years. Rob shows that living a low carb lifestyle can be healthy, yet still allows for enjoyment of great tasting food.”