Phase 2: Low carb confidence

Now you’ve got to grips with your new low carb lifestyle, you can start to enjoy a greater variety of foods. In this phase you will find your carb tolerance – that’s the level of carbs you can eat daily while still losing weight at a steady pace. 

Phase 2 might be right for you

If you don’t have that much weight to lose, want greater food variety or if you are vegetarian, you can skip Phase 1 and start in Phase 2. Our BMI counter or our nutritionists can help you decide what Phase is best for you.

As a rough guide, starting in Phase 2 is right for you if:

  • Your goal is to lose less than 14lbs (7kg)
  • You’re happy to lose weight a little more slowly
  • You have more weight to lose but want to enjoy more food variety
  • You’re vegetarian
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Phase 2 guidelines

In Phase 2, you will increase your carb intake little by little to find your carb tolerance. You can now add nuts, seeds, berries and certain cheeses to your menu, as well as Atkins food products.

  • By increasing your carbs gradually, you’ll find out exactly how many carbs you can eat while still working towards your goal weight. It’ll form the foundation of your low carb lifestyle in the long term.
  • Remember, weight loss in this phase usually happens at a steadier pace than in Phase 1. Be patient, if you stick to a few rules, you will get to your goal.
  • Vegetarians start at 30g of carbs per day
  • You can add an extra 5g of carbs per week (up to 40g) to find your carb tolerance
  • You can now add nuts, seeds, berries and certain cheeses to your diet
  • You can now enjoy Atkins food products
  • Monitor your daily carb intake – which you can do using our carb counter
  • Eat plenty of natural fats
  • Continue to take your multivitamin, multimineral and omega-3 supplements
  • Consume eight glasses of water (or other acceptable fluids) per day


Discover the Low Carb Foodlist 

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Support in Phase 2

We have a range of handy weight loss tools plus advice and inspiration on hand from our experts should you need it.

Get your questions answered: If you’ve got a question, ask one of our experts, read our FAQ or share it with the Atkins community. 
Get your questions answered 

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