Phase 3 - Frequently Asked Questions

I have been able to do New Atkins successfully but now that I am in Pre-Maintenance, my appetite has increased. Why and what can I do to manage it?

Appetite can return when you are no longer in lipolysis (fat burning mode). Or you may have added a food that may be causing your blood sugar to become unstable, contributing to hunger or the re-emergence of cravings. Examine what you’ve recently added and determine if it contains sugars or refined grain. Be sure that you are maintaining a regular intake of protein and fat and, if eating more of the acceptable foods assuages your hunger, eat a bit more. If all else fails, stop the most recent additions until you get your appetite under control.

When should I move from Phase 3 to Phase 4?


After you have maintained your weight for four weeks, you will have transitioned to the Phase called Maintenance, where you are eating a whole-food diet. On rare occasions, you may be able to indulge in a slice of cake or another dessert, but in general you will continue to avoid products full of sugar and white flour to maintain your weight.