Phase 4 - Frequently Asked Questions

Once I've reached my goal weight, what kinds of foods are allowed and not allowed on Phase 4 Maintenance?

Please note that on the New Atkins Diet you can eat some of the best foods on earth. See the food lists in each Phase to find out more. Your personal maintenance plan will be regulated by your carbohydrate threshold, which in turn is a result of your metabolism and your activity level. Younger people and men tend to have higher metabolisms than older people and women. If you have a high carbohydrate threshold and do some kind of physical activity/exercise on a regular basis, you may be able to regularly eat starchy vegetables, beans and other legumes, whole grains and fruit in moderation. On the other hand, if you have a low carb threshold and are not very active, you may have to limit some of these foods. In either case, your nutrition program will continue to stress whole foods and avoid sugar, white flour, hydrogenated fats and many processed foods.

What is the highest level of carbohydrate consumption per day recommended for the Maintenance Phase?


The important concept to understand in order to maintain your weight is to find your carbohydrate balance. You should find the highest level of carbohydrate consumption that won't allow you to regain weight or cause hunger and cravings. Each person has an individual carbohydrate balance and a bit of trial and error may be required for you to find yours.