Sarah Kalousian story

While enjoying an Atkins lifestyle and training hard, Sarah was able to turn her life around for the better.

Name: Sarah Kalousian
Start weight: 135 kgs
Current weight: 86.2 kgs

When did you start Atkins and why?

To be honest I started my new lifestyle journey in August 2016 at 135KG by May 2017 I was weighing 89KG (9 months)

Late MAY 2017 I fell pregnant and my doctor recommended me not doing Atkins throughout my pregnancy due to some of the ingredients (I wish I did though because it would of satisfied my cravings!!!). I ended up gaining a lot of weight due to not dieting and not being able to exercise as I had a few complications.

16thFEB 2018 – I had my beautiful baby boy and I was weighing at 128KG and I knew I gained a lot of weight and wanted to get back on track and not only to look better but feel better too!!

Now 7months after having my son I’m currently 86.2KG!!

How did you experience the first week on the diet?

First week wow, I used the shakes as a breakfast or lunch shake and it filled me up so much! The bars and shakes don't taste like diet drinks - they honestly taste like you’re indulging and going to regret it!!

Can you tell us a little bit about your old eating habits vs your new eating habits?

Old eating habits - I’m a sucker for chocolate and all sweet things. Not going to lie, I still get cravings but the Atkins bars and chocolate satisfy me. After learning about the low carb diet, I changed the way I ate. I always watch out for carbs. I’m cooking so much healthier and cleaner!! Food has never tasted so good!!! 

What are some of your favorite low carb recipes?

Bacon wrapped chicken - also my husband fav this goes well with the parmesan roasted beans !! Zucchini pasta !!! Ham cheese egg roll ups!!! Omg so amazing

What Atkins product could you not live without?

Definitely the hazelnut crisp bars!! They are ultimately my number one!!

What changes or benefits  have you experienced by eating low carb?

My energy has increased a lot. I was boarder line diabetic before and after recently having a blood test, everything came back perfect. My cholesterol apparently is perfect also!!

I’ve learnt a lot about food which I honestly never knew!! Its educated me a lot which I’m so grateful for.

What would you like to tell people who are considering starting an Atkins low carb lifestyle?

Dont wait for a Monday to start the Atkins low carb lifestyle start it today!! And remember it’s not a ‘diet' just consider it as a new lifestyle!!

If I can do it so can you!


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“I was boarder line diabetic before Atkins but a recent blood test came back perfect.”