Weight wellness the low carb way

Some people who come to Atkins are trying out their very first diet, others have followed lots of different regimes but have never quite found the right fit for them. Either way, we believe that everyone can benefit from following the simple but effective principles of a low carb lifestyle.

Carbs are key to weight wellness

When you’re looking to lose weight, lots of us make the decision to cut out things that we know are bad for us, be it fizzy drinks, indulgent desserts or bread-based products. This makes perfect sense – it’s these types of sugary, refined carbs that can make you put on weight. With Atkins you reduce the amount of carbs you eat but take it even further: your body’s metabolism changes to burning fat for energy.

“Atkins worked for me and there is no reason it cannot work for others. 38 kg lighter now and the aching joints I suffered with when I was nearly 16st are a thing of the past. I have more energy and feel healthier than I have for a long time.”

- Shirley Hardy

Fewer carbs bring big benefits

This results in weight loss but can have a positive knock-on effect on other areas of your life too. When you reduce your carbs, you feel less bloated. Carbs make the body retain water so typically within a week or so your clothes start to fit better.

High carb meals also cause a sharp spike in insulin levels followed by a crash which can leave you feeling hungry, irritable and tired.  With more stable blood sugar levels, you tend to have more energy and fewer food cravings. You’ve probably already noticed that the more sugar you eat, the more you want, but this feeling goes away so it’s much easier to stick to Atkins.

Filling low carb meals

On Atkins you tend to not feel hungry anyway as you’re eating foods rich in dietary fat and protein which are naturally more filling. The meals and snacks you can enjoy are tasty and not your typically bland ‘diet’ meals which can leave you obsessing about food.

Plus as you’re only reducing the carbs you eat, Atkins is easy to follow too, as you’re not counting calories or grams of fat or protein.

Low carb snacking