Low carb snacking

We all enjoy a snack from time to time, be it as a treat or simply to bridge the gap between meals. That doesn’t change when you go low carb – but finding tasty snacks you can enjoy whenever the mood takes you makes sticking to a low carb way of life much easier.

“To stop myself reaching for the biscuit tin I grab an Atkins chocolate bar which are very satisfying."

- Juliet Holland

Great when you’re getting started

If you’re just starting on Atkins then they can help you through the initial transition period where you may be craving sugar, especially if you’ve been used to a high carb diet. After a few weeks on Atkins, your cravings should disappear but even then low carb snacks can still play an important part by filling that stop-gap between meals so you don’t get over hungry.

“It’s about finding healthy alternatives, which Atkins’ low carb products help with too. My husband and I love the Advantage Chocolate Decadence Bar and we’ll have one for dessert if we fancy a sweet treat.” 

- Lynn Hathaway

Convenience not compromise

It can often be difficult to find healthy, low carb snacks on the go whether you’re working, travelling or commuting. By stocking up on a few healthy Atkins snacks with reduced carbs, you’ll not have to compromise your health for convenience.

The net carbs are clearly shown on the Atkins range of snacks so they’re easy to fit into your low carb lifestyle without too much thought. More importantly, they taste great!

“The Chocolate Coconut bar is my favourite and the crispbread and fibre crackers are good with cheese for an easy snack. The chocolate drink is a good standby too.”

- Felicity Sayers

Weight wellness the low carb way