Low Carbohydrate Diet

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Posted by Linda O'Byrne (Atkins Nutritionist)

A Low carbohydrate diet is not like most other diets. Most diets concentrate on cutting fat from meals. On the face of it, the approach makes sense.

Fat is the visible sign of obesity, stop eating so much of it and the kilograms should tumble off. And if you cut enough fat from a diet you will lose weight, there's no denying that. That begs a question though – why does cutting the fat in a diet so rarely work?

The changes to the diet have the tendency of leaving the dieter hungry, even if they stick with it long enough to get near their target the post-diet tendency is then to snack, binge and return to previous habits. Any good work is undone.

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Take a different approach with a low carbohydrate diet

A Low carbohydrate diet is  a reaction to this problem, a desire to find a different approach that makes weight loss enjoyable and for life.

Low carbohydrate diets work not by cutting fat but by changing the body's energy source. Out, at least in part, go carbohydrates forcing the body to change from using glucose as a quick energy fix to instead using stored fat. The body naturally becomes a fat burning machine. Research shows not only does this lead to weight being lost more quickly – and safely – but that it is also maintainable. The changes are lifelong without feeling restrictive.

With a low carbohydrate diet it is possible to eat until satisfied and lose weight at a rate of up to 15 pounds in two weeks. The early phase of low carbohydrate diets like Atkins limit carbohydrates to 20 grams a day, less than 10% of the average intake. But what the dieter loses in processed bread, pasta and potatoes they can more than make up for with meat, fish, poultry, seafood, cheese, vegetables and more.

During this early phase, the dieter quickly moves towards their target weight. As they near their target they start adding carbohydrates back into their diet in working through the four phases of the plan until reaching a stage where they maintain their ideal weight with a balanced range of ingredients. What they end with is their desired weight, a diet tailored to their perfect level of carbohydrate consumption and a balanced range of ingredients that can be made into the delicious recipes available on this site.

The science of low carb diets is explained on this site, including reference to more than 50 independent studies that have proven the benefits of Atkins. As the research shows, the balance of scientific opinion is moving ever further towards Atkins as studies prove its long term benefits as well as the extraordinary early weight loss it provides.

High profile research also shows the benefits of a diet with reduced carbohydrates in managing medical complaints including diabetes, high cholesterol, epilepsy and cancer; the American Diabetics Association among those to have changed their own advice to reflect the scientific proof of the benefits of low carbohydrate diets. Of course, anyone suffering from a serious condition should though seek advice before making fundamental changes to their everyday diet.

A diet low in carbohydrate is the peer-reviewed proven approach to a better lifestyle, be that losing weight and maintaining a  goodbalance or helping to cope with medical conditions. We would encourage anyone interested in a better lifestyle to look around the site where you will find answers to all your questions  and all you need to work towards a fitter you.