Paul Timmins' story

Having struggled with his weight since childhood, Paul Timmins, 43, went on to develop worrying health problems including shortness of breath and high blood pressure. Paul was determined to shift the pounds once and for all.

Name: Paul Timmins
Start weight: 125 kgs
Current weight: 64 kgs


Despite trying a multitude of other diets, Paul struggled to lose weight long term – until he discovered the New Atkins Nutritional Approach. Since starting the Atkins plan, Paul has lost nearly ten stone and feels healthier than ever. He credits his weight loss with the unwavering support of his wife, Kate, and the fact the diet did not leave him feeling restricted - a self-confessed downfall from past diets.

The New Atkins Nutritional Approach is a healthy, substantial and balanced way of eating. It has been designed to replace "bad", refined and starchy carbohydrates with “good” carbs, such as green, fibrous vegetables and red berries. By reducing the intake of carbohydrates, the body breaks down fat stores as an alternative source of energy.

“During my weight loss journey, I’ve been lucky enough to have had total support and encouragement from my wife, which was a crucial element to keeping me motivated. Atkins is a mind-set; in order to reap the rewards, you do have to be fully committed – which means no cheating! Nothing in life comes easy, and any diet must be taken seriously, but, this was relatively simple to do because of the wide range of Atkins products and meal plans, which provide healthy alternatives to some of my favourite foods. I rarely felt like I was struggling or that I was restricted by the diet. Ever since childhood I’ve really struggled with my weight and I was always picked on and called horrible names. As the years went on, my weight continued to escalate and although I tried a lot of different diets, before long I would feel hungry, restricted and miserable. For that reason, the weight wouldn’t stay off for long. I struggled to lose weight over the years, even though I tried numerous well known diets and always gave them my best. I just found myself calorie counting, which I found to be very tiresome. What really made me get serious about losing weight was when I had to visit the doctor because I was suffering from shortness of breath and I sweated a lot. The doctor warned me that my blood pressure was very high and he advised me to change my diet and lose weight to make my life a lot easier. I didn’t need telling twice. As a real food lover, I was generally in my element following the Atkins diet because I didn’t feel deprived and I loved being able to enjoy filling, substantial meals. That said, it also made me more aware about eating appropriate amounts. I also lost weight from not drinking lager, as it is full of carbohydrates. I rarely drink these days, but when I do I enjoy a glass of dry white wine. The diet has really reshaped how I feel about food – I will still enjoy meals, but I am just so much more mindful of what I am now putting into my body. I’ve really noticed a change in my health since losing the weight. My blood pressure has decreased and is now in a healthy range. I can now enjoy fashionable high street clothes as opposed to the huge sizes I had to wear before. I’ve even lost a shoe size! What I’ve also found with losing weight is that it really does give you more confidence. I can honestly say the Atkins diet has transformed my life and I am so very grateful for this”.

“My blood pressure has decreased and is now in a healthy range.”