Original Low Carb Experts

Starting a low carb revolution

Our founder, Dr. Robert C Atkins, was a renown American cardiologist. While working with his heart patients during the 1960s, he became concerned about increasing levels of obesity. He began exploring different nutritional theories to help his patients lose weight, and keep it off. 

“Every one of Dr. Atkins' patients achieved their goal weight ”

- Atkins 


Controlling carbs


Inspired by a series of articles published by the American Medical Association, Dr. Atkins started to develop his own theory. He called it the ‘controlled carb approach’. It was based on the fact that a Western diet contains too many carbs and, by limiting the amount you eat, you can train your body to burn fat instead. 

When he trialled his low carb diet, the results were very impressive – every one of Dr. Atkins’ patients achieved their goal weight.  

The new approach

In 1972, Dr Atkins’ first book, Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution was launched and became an international best-seller. Since those early days, there has been a great deal of new scientific research into nutrition and, as our understanding has evolved, so has the Atkins low carb approach. 

The New Atkins Diet has come a long way from the original ‘steak and eggs diet’, as it became known in the early 1980s. Today, it’s a flexible, balanced lifestyle approach that can be tailored to a person’s health goals and enable them to transform their health and wellbeing. 

“Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution was launched and became an international best-seller”

- Atkins