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Posted by Linda O'Byrne (Atkins Nutritionist)

In this article we tell you more about the Alizonne diet. What is the Alizonne diet exactly? How does it work? What can you eat and what do you not eat during this diet and what are the costs? You read it all in this article.

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What is the Alizonne diet?

The Alizonne diet is a protein diet. This diet is part of the Alizonne therapy. This therapy was invented by Claudia van der Lugt. Claudia is an expert in the area of ​​minor surgery and wound healing and was fascinated, early in her career, by the effects of obesity on wound healing and the impact on health. She was looking for non-surgical treatments, which reduce fat and stimulate skin contraction. This is how Alizonne therapy originated.

The Alizonne diet is not just a diet. It is part of the Alizonne therapy, which consists of several components, including a diet. Alizonne therapy consists of diet, supplements, ultrasound and tissue massages.

 Alizonne diet


How does the Alizonne diet work?

When you start the Alizonne diet, it is recommended that you seek advice during a medical consultation which consists of a physical examination and your blood is tested.

After the medical consultation, it is determined which treatment is best for you. It is calculated how much protein you need each day and the vitamin / mineral supplements you can use to supplement. In addition, the consultation will determine how long the treatment will last and what the cost will be

As stated earlier the Alizonne diet consists of 4 parts. Often, the different treatments are combined with each other. Below we explain the four steps:

Alizonne diet

The Alizonne diet is the most important part of the Alizonne therapy. Based on your individual needs, a plan is developed for you. This diet plan consists mainly of drinking protein shakes throughout the day. The advice is to drink at least 5 protein shakes per day. These are available in different flavors. Drinking shakes combined with eating fresh salads and vegetables. Carbohydrates, sugars, fats and alcohol absolutely do not fit into this diet plan. In addition, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Alizonne diet

When you start the Alizonne diet, the foods that you can eat are pretty limited. Once you are through with these strict phases, you will gradually return to a normal diet.

Ultrasonic therapy

Ultrasonic therapy is a treatment that consists of low-frequency sound waves. That sound will make fat cells break down. The result of this treatment is similar to liposuction. With ultrasonic therapy you aren't left with scars after treatment. When you follow the Alizonne diet you undergo weekly ultrasound therapy session. This treatment is virtually painless and takes about 20 minutes.

Connective tissue massage

Connective Tissue Massage is a part of the Alizonne therapy. Connective tissue massage doesn't make you burn fat but can help to reduce cellulite. Deep tissue massage is a massage that massages the skin layers at a deeper level, leading to reduced muscle tension and chronic pain. This connective tissue also allows for the uptake and release of oxygen in the skin and stimulates the removal of waste. The production of collagen and elastin promotes smooth and even skin. The connective tissue massage treatment takes about 30 minutes per session.

Alizonne diet

Maintain weight

Of course it is intended that when you finish Alizonne therapy, your weight loss is maintained. The final phase of this diet is therefore designed to help you keep the weight off. In this final phase, a plan is drawn up that ensures that you can maintain weight loss. Possibly you should also visit a specialist for adjustment and control. There are also some things you can do to maintain a healthy weight:

  • No added sugar food
  • Stick to a weekly menu and search for tasty recipes
  • Use a weekly shopping list
  • Eat lots of vegetables
  • Get plenty of exercise for example fast walking

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The pros and cons of the diet Alizonne

We put the Alizonne diet to the test and did an overview of the pros and cons:


Personal assistance

If you follow the Alizonne therapy, you get lots of personal attention. This is very nice, because losing weight can sometimes be difficult. This personal support motivates and is good for your confidence. In addition, personal support ensures that you will be corrected when you do not lose enough weight.

Alizonne diet

Several types of treatment

Within Alizonne therapy there are different types of treatments you follow. This ensures more effective in losing weight.



The Alizonne diet is a very expensive diet. You pay for personal counseling, medical advice, ultrasound and tissue massages. You can decide for yourself whether you find it worthy to spend much money on a diet. For all the treatments together can sometimes cost more than £500. One caveat is that you do not know how long your treatments will need to go on for. And in these costs are the costs of the foods from the supermarket too. This makes the diet a very expensive diet.

The treatments

The treatments are done within Alizonne therapy, and may very well help in achieving your goal weight. Unfortunately, you can't perform self treatments (ultrasound and tissue massages). Ultrasound and cellulite treatments should always be performed by a specialist.

The costs of the diet Alizonne

As named above, the Alizonne diet is an expensive diet. Below are the prices for individual treatments and supplements:

We also listed, at a glance, what the average cost per week when following the diet:



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Where can you follow the diet?

There are several locations in the UK where you can find centres for the Alizonne diet. It's not advised to follow the Alizonne diet independently. For this therapy to work you have to go to a clinic where they offer this therapy.

Alizonne diet vs. Atkins

Generally, most people who have followed the Alizonne diet, are happy with the result. Yet it is not always necessary to follow an expensive treatment at a private clinic to lose weight successfully. It is often not necessary to spend a lot of money to achieve this. With a low carbohydrate diet, such as Atkins, you can lose weight quickly.

There are similarities between the Atkins diet and the Alizonne. The Alizonne diet completely removes eating of carbohydrates initially. Atkins reduces your carb intake in the first phase, but you gradually add back more carbohydrates so you can work towards a lifestyle that is easy to maintain. When following a low carbohydrate diet, limit your carbohydrate intake and use protein and fat as a primary fuel. By decreasing carbohydrates your body has to burn energy from fat stores. On Atkins, protein powders and other supplements are not necessary. Atkins is not only very effective, but also more attractive in terms of cost.