No matter how frequently you wash your hands or disinfect your workspace, winter colds can happen to the best of us. Cleanliness is only half the battle; maintaining a healthy diet is another excellent way to fight sickness and keep your immune system strong.

Don’t let a cold or the flu slow you down this winter! Add these seven immune system boosting foods to your low carb diet for winter snacks and meals that will help keep you healthy and fight germs all season long:

  1. Garlic – Garlic acts as an antioxidant by decreasing your chances of catching a winter cold and lowering the likelihood of contracting certain cancers such as stomach, colon and breast cancer. It’s a healthy, zesty way to flavor almost any meal. Try this zucchini noodle and garlic prawn recipe for a tasty dinner or roast some garlic with your roast lamb.
  2. Fish –Salmon is high in healthy omega-3 fats that can help reduce inflammation and protect against colds. Bacon wrapped salmon makes a filling weeknight dinner while these salmon kebabs are great for a holiday party spread.
  3. Tea –Drinking several cups of green or chamomile tea a day will provide healthy immune boosting amino acids like L-theanine that can help your body stay healthy. Drink a mug of tea with your favorite winter snacks and keep your immune system strong.
  4. Beef – Beef is high in zinc, an essential mineral that helps increase your body’s production of infection-fighting white blood cells. Whether you warm up with Hearty Beef stew or enjoy a light Thai Beef Salad for lunch, incorporating lean beef into your winter diet is a low carb way to stay healthy.
  5. Chicken Soup – Chicken soup’s hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, especially its carnosine compound, are famous for easing cold and flu symptoms. Make an easy chicken broth as a base, then add shredded chicken and your favorite vegetables for a comforting and immune system boosting meal.
  6. Cabbage – Cabbage has a multitude of health benefits, from strengthening immune systems and improving digestion to killing bacteria and fighting cancer. These Cabbage Rolls are perfect for a chilly night, or try this crispy cabbage and bacon beside your favourite protein. 
  7. Mushrooms – Mushrooms are high in selenium, which is effective at combating flu symptoms. Try these goat cheese stuffed mushrooms for a healthy low carb breakfast, or try this mushroom and onion burger for a hearty lunch.


These immune system boosting foods are delicious ways to keep your body fueled and healthy this season.

Posted by Colette Heimowitz
Atkins Nutritionist